eQUIP Online Learning Conference
Best practices for equity and engagement in online and digital learning.
August 16-17, 2021
Cost: $100
Registration and Call for Proposals are open!

The eQUIP Online Learning Conference is a virtual learning experience aimed at providing administrators, support personnel, and teachers with best practices that can be implemented immediately for online and digital learning. 
Each participant gains access to the full two-day conference, as well as access to four additional special topic sessions spaced throughout the year. Each session will include a free resource kit centered around the topic.


This conference is designed for practitioners including:

  • Teachers searching for best practices and student engagement strategies
  • Administrators looking to create an equitable learning experience for all students.
  • Support personnel seeking to motivate and retain students in their online learning programs.


Mr. Shomari Jones
Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement, Bellevue School District

Shomari Jones is the Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement. Throughout his time in the Bellevue School District (BSD), Shomari has established himself as an influential leader and advocate within the system and surrounding region. Between working to lead staff in thoughtful exploration of institutionalized racism and its impact on student learning or his work with students who come to see him as “an amazing role model and inspiration,” Shomari’s long term impact within BSD has been deep and broad. He serves as a powerful advocate for and witness to the experiences of students of color, helping district leaders identify, confront, and dismantle structures that limit the potential of those often underserved. Working within and between the fraught social, emotional, and political fault lines of equity work in public schools, Shomari designs and facilitates thoughtful district professional development that nurtures impactful conversations around racial inequity, inequality, and the over-arching impact institutional racism has on our youth of color. His persistent efforts have instigated a community-wide conversation about the struggles students of color face in, and his tireless collaboration with district leadership and School Board has resulted in a bold and ambitious equity policy that stands to fundamentally change the way the district confronts and disrupts racial and socio-economic injustice.
Simone C. O. Conceição, Ph.D
Professor of Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Conceição is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Administrative Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She received her doctorate in Adult and Distance Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Master's in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her research interests include distance education, adult learning, the impact of technology on teaching and learning, instructional design, and staff development and training. Dr. Conceição is the Editor-in-Chief of eLearn Magazine. She is the editor of Teaching Strategies in the Online Environment (2007). She co-authored the books Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching: How to “Be There” for Distance Learners (2010). Managing Online Instructor Workload: Strategies for Finding Balance and Success (2011) and Motivating and Retaining Online Students: Research-Based Strategies that Work (2014). Most recently, she published Designing the Online Learning Experience: Evidence-Based Principles and Strategies (2021). She was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame in 2018.


  • Digital Learning and Special Education
  • Career and Technical Education Online
  • Using Digital Learning for Credit Recovery
  • Equity and Engagement: A Year in Review

Monday, August 16  
12:00  Welcome
12:15  General Session
1:00  Roundtable 1
2:00  Best Practices 1
2:30  Best Practices 2
 3:00  Closing Session
Tuesday, August 17  
9:00 Welcome
9:15 General Session
10:00 Roundtable 2
11:00 Best Practices 3
11:30 Best Practices 4
12:00 Best Practices 5
12:30 Closing Session
Special Topic Sessions  
October 21 Digital Learning and Special Education
January 20 Career and Technical Education Online
March 17 Using Digital Learning for Credit Recovery
June 23 Equity and Engagement: A Year in Review

Welcome to the eQUIP Online Learning Conference. The conference theme is best practices for equity and engagement in online and digital learning. We have three opportunities for you to participate in our conference.

Best Practices Session
These sessions consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by 8 minutes of question and answer time. The topic should be focused on practical skills and knowledge that participants can use to enhance online or digital learning in their school system.

Table Talk
These 45-minutes sessions are designed to encourage dialog around a specific topic related to online learning. Facilitators choose a topic and then guide the conversation around the topic. Topics could be things like attendance, student engagement, learning management systems, etc.

Roundtable Discussion
These 45-minute sessions follow immediately after the general sessions and will be based on the keynote address. Presenters for these sessions will be provided with a facilitation guide prior to the beginning of the conference and will guide the conversation. If you desire to fulfill this role, fill out the proposal application and check the box for 'roundtable.'

The application for proposals will open Monday, April 19th, and close Friday, June 4th. Presenters who are accepted will be notified by June 11th and will have to confirm they will present by June 25th. Presenters will receive one free registration for the conference.

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